Tuesday, May 28, 2013


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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Google’s Impressive “Conversational Search” Goes Live On Chrome

This is definitely a crazy stuff that has come from Google  The Conversation Search will help us to search on Google by just speaking out rather than typing what we want but is available for CHROME users only. You will see the icon of microphone on the right hand side of search bar that you need to click and it will promot with "speak now" but if you do not see the icon then you can simply go to chrome store and add the feature on it which is simple and easy :) Well looks like we are going to get more lazy as we not gonna type anymore but really appreciate for the awesome feature from Google, not perfect one but still amazing. Enjoy the new feature on CHROME

Google’s Impressive “Conversational Search” Goes Live On Chrome

Google Search By Voice

Sunday, April 21, 2013

SEO in a Company

Where does SEO fits in company structure?

SEO basically gets customers to the business website. So in general you can group SEO under marketing services.

Online Merchants Beware: The Google Zebra Update Is Coming


Google Panda and Penguin have helped lot to get rid of low quality websites and blog on the internet. Now Google has come up with  Google Zebra. Most of you must be wondering what is this Google Zebra. So let me put it across you in simpler way. Well to all newbies in internet marketing let me tell you that Google is not only to list the website on search engines . It also filters the sites as per their quality and may penalize them completely as well. Google is aiming to give you best experience when you search for something. They make sure that you land on those sites which are relevant and meet your purpose.

Today most of us do business over the internet  We buy/sell over the internet  isn't it? but we have also seen lot of customers  being cheated. We read lot of reviews from buyers about lot of scams over the internet  .Now Google is here to target those Online merchants who do business unethically, over promising customers and  do not follow the quality guidelines of Merchant marketing.Its high time for Merchants to stop false practices and run business ethically and provide good customer experience over the internet or else you might be the victim of GOOGLE ZEBRA.

Search Quality Guidelines for Merchants.
Earlier this year, Google published their Search Quality Guidelines for the first time. Last updated in November 2012, the guidelines also hint at what Google is looking for in a quality merchant. Under the heading “Recognizing true merchants” they list the following.
  • A “view your shopping cart” link that stays on the same site.
  • A shopping cart that updates when you add items to it.
  • A return policy with a physical address.
  • A shipping charge calculator that works.
  • A “wish list” link, or a link to postpone the purchase of an item until later.
  • A way to track FedEx orders.
  • A user forum that works.
  • The ability to register or log in.
  • A gift registry that works.
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Monday, April 15, 2013

Why Google’s Venice Update Fundamentally Changes Global SEO

Today I would like to mention one of the very interesting change that GOOGLE has come up with in 2013. It is GOOGLE VENICE UPDATE. Most of us have been using Google since years and we have always known that whenever we try searching for any information we go to Google search bar and type it there. For example if we type "MBA colleges" we see the list of colleges that we get are reputed one globally. They are well recognized and most of them are based in US, UK ,AUSTRALIA etc where people invest lot of money on internet marketing hiring experts of Digital Marketing.Therefore it was a situation small business or services who couldn't afford to go for expensive package for internet marketing was lacking behind in search engine ranking and not even able to target audience in their own city. Isn't that SAD? Also my self as a Google user I have come across many times in the past that I had to go 7th on wards pages to look for any sort of business or services within my own city. INCONVENIENCE right? because the first few pages were occupied by huge multinational branded companies whose services I couldn't afford to avail.

Well I really thankful to Google that they have realized the importance of local business to be given first priority in-terms of search engine ranking. This will increase the accuracy of information that comes up in Google. The information that we will see being listed are more useful to us.Let me again give you an example. I go to Google and type "MBA COLLEGES" and see the magic now after GOOGLE VENICE UPDATE

Now you can see that I get the list of MBA colleges in PUNE. It was never like this before in Google. This change has happened only after the Venice update and this is definitely benefiting the local businesses. We must thank Google for their kindness towards small business. This will bring fundamental change in global SEO. I also would like to share an article written by SEO expert Chris Liversidge.

Google’s Venice Update


Sunday, April 14, 2013

How To Start Marketing Your Business (A 3-Month Plan)

Internet Marketing is a NEED not a CHOICE. Today in this competitive world like in INDIA people are having so much of talk about internet marketing. Everyone is looking forward to have their business in Google, Yahoo and Bing. They also want to have good status in social networking sites on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and LinkedIn many more. People now have believed how important it is to grow in market. There are many Internet Marketing Experts who share their ideas and view, also many companies in the market who does help client to achieve their requirement but the catch is some people end up paying so much of money in doing marketing that they have never thought of. I have come across few people who think   that Internet marketing is some sort of magic that we Internet Marketers do and they cannot do but what I believe any one can learn Marketing. Its an art and science both. All you need is passion of learning on daily basis.

Here I have one of the most beautiful article by Matt McGee is Editor-In-Chief of Search Engine Land  that I have come across which will definitely help Digital/Internet Marketers to market their client's website and help them understand in point wise how, what and when they gonna do. Also this article will help you to learn how to make the proper usage of budget set by your client to market their site.Please click the below link.

How to start MARKETING your business?